What is Vaultitude?

Vaultitude is a browser based application that uses Blockchain technology to optimally protect and manage sensitive data, intellectual property (IP), documents and contracts. Conceived together with global IP authorities and leading law firms, Vaultitude has been designed for inventors, artists, researchers and IP professionals to make IP protection easier, faster and more secure than ever before.

Vaultitude helps you gain proof of authorship and evidence for legal proceedings, create and document safer contracts, securely share confidential information with third parties, record and protect trade secrets and trademarks, comply with IP laws, monetize your ideas and safely document the transfer of IP rights.

What are the benefits of Vaultitude?

Innovators and companies looking to optimally protect their data and IP will find Vaultitude to be an ideal tool for solving challenges across the whole innovation lifecycle thanks to the immutability and notary-like characteristics of Blockchain technology.

  • Vaultitude offers a safe place to store and work on all kinds of sensitive data, intellectual property, documents and contracts.

  • By documenting your authorship, owners of unregistered IP gain evidence ideal for legal proceedings.

  • Create, manage, sign and document contracts on the Blockchain and gain reliable evidence.

  • Gain freedom to operate and protect existing patents through establishing prior art by a faster, safer and more convenient method of defensive publication.

  • Securely share all sorts of confidential data by putting non-disclosure agreements directly on the Blockchain.

  • Document and optimally protect trade secrets and comply with IP laws.

  • Record the use of trademarks to protect your rights and allow for registration.

  • Securely transfer IP and prove it.

  • Conveniently sell and license IP.

  • Interact and connect with clients, partners and advisors.

Why does Blockchain fundamentally change IP and data management?

A Blockchain, often called a distributed ledger, is a decentralized network existing on thousands of servers. Information held on a Blockchain exists as a shared and continually reconciled database, with transactions grouped in blocks that contain digital fingerprints of all previous blocks. As the database is not stored in any single location, its records are public, online and easily verifiable and cannot be controlled by any single entity.

The Blockchain database has no single point of failure that can be corrupted or hacked and data, once stored, cannot be edited. This leads to the immutability of data stored on such a database and affords the Blockchain notary-like characteristics and the ability to document individual user actions or rights, which can later be used as evidence in legal proceedings. This makes IP protection and management easier, faster and more secure.

For this reason, Blockchain technology is considered by international regulators and IP stakeholders such as WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization), OECD, WTO, the European Commission, European Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office, many national patent offices and global law firms to have the potential to fundamentally change IP management.

An increasing number of countries now use Blockchain as the technology for secure registries, several states in the United States have passed laws that explicitly legitimize the use of Blockchain technology in both commerce and corporate governance and courts around the world accept Blockchain as means of evidence.

Vaultitude uses the Ethereum Blockchain, one of the most trusted networks, to allow users to store IP related information and is widely regarded as a perfect example of how this breakthrough technology can be used as a convenient and secure application to support innovators by improving IP protection and management.

Why should I protect my sensitive information?

Without protection of intellectual property in all its many forms- such as ideas, documents, trade secrets, contracts, art, inventions and research - organizations and individuals cannot benefit from their innovations. Protecting IP rights is important because they can be sold or licensed and thus ensure important revenue streams, often form an essential part of marketing or branding and can be integral to the core services of a business and its long-term viability.

Does Vaultitude replace traditional measures of IP protection such as patent applications?

Vaultitude has been designed to further improve IP protection and address existing issues in this field and not to replace existing measures of IP protection. As a unique tool, it provides innovators with the evidence to prove their rights in legal proceedings around the world. This evidence can be used wherever you need to prove authorship, individual transactions, obtain the status of prior art, defend trade secrets, document the use of trademarks and much more. To achieve this goal Vaultitude uses immutable Blockchain technology in accordance with international guidelines set forth by WIPO, the United Nations agency tasked with harmonising national IP laws. Patents rights on the other hand are granted on a strictly national level and inventors looking to exclude others from making, using, selling, and importing an invention will have to continue to file a patent application with their national patent authority.

How does it work?

Vaultitude only requires a recent browser version and internet access. Once registered the user accesses the intuitive user interface to upload his data, documents or contracts as private or public IP to his personal vault. He can then start sharing, selling, licensing or transferring his IP or use the application’s publication features to ensure that his invention will gain the status of prior art. Learning how to use Vaultitude takes no more than a few minutes and we recommend that you start by watching the 5-minute video walkthrough that explains all important features.

What does it cost?

Creating a Vaultitude account is free of cost for both private individuals and organizations. Users pay for individual actions such as uploading their data and storing it on Vaultitude’s Blockchain architecture, which provides them with proof of their actions and their status as the author of the data. Users can conveniently pay with their credit card. The price of each user action depends on the type of IP and whether the information is to be stored privately or publically, as these factors influence the legal consequences and technical requirements.

Do I have to own cryptocurrency to use Vaultitude?

No. Users can simply pay with their credit card and do not have to own or use cryptocurrency.