Optimal legal
protection of
company data and IP.

  • •  Reliable legal evidence via Blockchain registration

  • •  Safer management, sharing and transfering of data and IP

  • •  Sign safer legal contracts on the Blockchain

  • •  Establish prior art, protect trade marks and trade secrets


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Vaultitude on a laptop

The Choice of
Leading Innovators:

Vaultitude perfectly complements existing options and ensures greater comfort and security for the protection of IP.

Head of Legal, Dennemeyer Group


Dennemeyer - The IP Group
Dennemeyer - The IP Group

Trusted by IP experts
and leading corporate innovators.

Developed in close collaboration with global IP authorities and leading law firms, Vaultitude makes use of Blockchain's notary-like characteristics to provide corporate innovators with better legal protection. By using Vaultitude for the storage, management, confidential sharing and transfer of all intellectual property, documents and legal contracts, companies can now safely interact with third parties and gain more reliable legal evidence ideal for legal proccedings.



WIPO - World intellectual Property Organization
European Commission
European Patent Office



Blockchain technology for
superior legal protection.

Blockchain as a Distributed Ledger Technology represents a game changer in the documentation of legal rights through the security and immultability of data. Using Vaultitude's intuitive user interface corporate innovators can now effortlessly establish firm proof of the existance of data, proof of authorship and of interactions and agreements with third parties. This documentation reduces the risk of infringement and allows to quickly resolve disputes.

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network technology

HASH'ing /
Digital Fingerprints


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